On september 10, 2015, the Dutch Minister Jet Bussemaker (education, culture and science) officially opened the Atelier Néerlandais; a breeding ground and open society for Dutch creative entrepreneurs and artists who want to develop their activities in France. I was invited to take part, and to exhibit a large photo during the opening period: the opening image from the book ‘absorbinglife’.

Thanks to the commitment of the Dutch Embassy in Paris a large audience attended the opening day, both economically and culturally. Great! One of the books ‘absorbing life’ was sold to a the couture-seamstress/designer of the fashion atelier Nina Ricci in Paris.

The Atelier Néerlandais offers architects, designers, fashion designers, artists, photographers and publishers space, to present themselves at a central location in Paris. An environment to meet French partners and the public.

Photo credit: Des Harris, Atelier Néerlandais and Jeanine Eek-Keizer